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Widget Named Views - Give your user multiple data visualization options in one widget!

  • 14 July 2023
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We have learned that app developers can improve efficiency by offering a single widget with multiple predefined views, rather than using multiple instances of the same widget for different data representations on a page.

Introducing the Widget Named Views feature, initially introduced in AIMMS 4.95.1 and further enhanced in AIMMS 4.96.1, app developers now have the ability to create and provide various views of a widget.

For instance, this feature allows you to offer a table view with one pivoting and another view with a different pivoting, all within the same widget. Additionally, you can even add a different widget type, such as a bar chart, as another view.

App developers have the flexibility to specify the default view that users see when they first load the page. Furthermore, they can dynamically adjust the presented view based on user interactions with the app.

When multiple named views are created for a widget, a new button is added to the widget's header section. By clicking on this button, users can access a list of available named views, displayed in the order they were arranged. Users can then select any desired view from the list, and the corresponding widget configuration will be loaded.

For more detailed information, please refer the documentation. Here you can also find a product update featuring an illustrative GIF showcasing the Widget Named Views in action!


We would greatly appreciate your feedback on this feature. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions regarding this Widget Named Views feature.



Madhu Krishnappa

AIMMS WebUI Product Owner

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