Feedback wanted: New Combination Chart Widget Type

  • 13 April 2022
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Dear Community,  


As mentioned in earlier product update, with 4.85.1 version release the new Combination Chart Widget type now comes with significant feature enhancements.


Though in its initial version, the Combination Chart Widget type supported only data representation with Columns. The recent enhancements include:

  1. Support for multiple chart types, namely Column, Line, Area, Area Spline. Spline and Scatter.
  2. Support for Secondary Y-Axis
  3. Support to control X-Axis intervals\StepSize
  4. Support to hide an index from UI.
  5. Better coloring options by using the color index and the transparency index.


Curious to know if you got a chance to try out this new widget type.   

  • Are you happy to use this feature in its current state? If not, why?
  • Do you see something you would like to improve?


Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.



WebUI Team

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